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"STAR WARS: The Rule of Two" (2017), December 1st, 2nd, 8th & 9th


A thong time ago, in a fantasy not so far away . . . .

Written by local playwright Rim Dandy, THE RULE OF TWO blends elements of drag, circus, burlesque, and theatre into one action-packed and entertaining evening. Featuring sound and music mixed by DJ rerekat, choreography by resident choreographer Sacré Bleu and guest choreography by Gillian Rhodes, Emilio Andres Araya and Cathy Choi, THE RULE OF TWO is as much a feast for the ears as it is for the eyes.

As Darth Vader oversees development of the Empire’s new starfighter, the TIE, distress signals come from an outpost far in the Outer Rim territories. Something dangerous and powerful is out there. A group of the galaxy’s sexiest bounty hunters, led by captured Rebel pilot Captain Ryla, move to engage the threat at any cost.

Director: Jeff Wagner


"Heart-Core" (2017), April 1st, 7th & 8th 


Get your blood pumping with our new Sci-Fi Burlesque Play, HEART-CORE. Written by local author S. C. Clarke, HEART-CORE will feature choreography by LA based choreographer Keva Walker and Seoul based aerial silk artist Gillian Rhodes. LIVE MUSIC will score the entire show by the synth-tastic band LOVEXSTEREO. 

It is the year 2041. Two scientists work in a software testing facility for military, corporate and consumer level androids. For the last six years the two were lovers, but have recently decided to call it quits. However, they have one final assignment together before they can part ways: to program an android to love.

Director: Flowerbomb


"Le Sexe: A Podcast in the Flesh" (2016)

Starlight Productions invites you to our interactive theatre meets burlesque production of LE SEXE: A PODCAST IN THE FLESH. Join our pair of sex positive podcast hosts, Winny and Quinn, as they virtually navigate a world where sex is an unashamed part of human existence. They are sure to get your hard drives spinning with sex positive topics that you'll be talking about (and fantasizing about) for nights to come.

Using a mix of dance, theatre, burlesque, aerial silk, a-ring, hoop and pole, we aim to dazzle and entice you. COME TO THE DIGITAL SIDE! It's time to digitize you... so we can mingle properly in ones and zeros!

Directors: Flowerbomb & Sacré Bleu

"Pandora's Box" (2015)

Written in iambic pentameter by the founder of Starlight Productions, the legend of PANDORA'S BOX is adapted for the burlesque stage. Starlight Productions and WhiteLies Burlesque reinterprets this traditional Greek mythology for a contemporary audience. This burlesque play is accompanied by LIVE MUSIC provided by KITE FLYING ROBOT and features aerial silk performances, pole and chair dances, fire spinning, Shibari bondage and spoken verse.

Director: Flowerbomb