"Oh, hello there!"

Let's get personal.

Top: Flowerbomb, Bottom: Sacré Bleu. Photographer: Robert Michael Evans

Founder and Artistic Director, Flowerbomb

With a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting, a love for Shakespeare (the works and the man) and a pinup for SuicideGirls, Flowerbomb has a passion for the classics when it comes to performing and modeling. She graduated from one of top acting programs in the Southeast, Brenau University's Gainesville Theatre Alliance. In her graduating year, she toured the state of Georgia performing in her University's Repertory Company. She was cast as Shakespeare's ever sensual lead, Lady Macbeth. In that same year, she became a SuicideGirl; a platform she uses to spread body positivity and empowerment. Two worlds were aligning. Flowerbomb joined Seoul Shakespeare Company and also entered the burlesque scene upon arriving in Korea. She began to merge the worlds of the performing arts with the art of tease. Lady Macbeth's words seduced her, "Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it!" She combined her trusty thespian mind with her beating seductive heart to find... Starlight Productions! The stage where she produces all your burlesque-play fantasies! 

When Flowerbomb is not producing a show or in one, she's climbing her aerial silks and plotting world domination... Now, if only she could get her chihuahua to sit nicely.

Production Manager and Resident Choreographer, Sacré Bleu

“Life is more fun when your feet aren’t on the ground.” – Sacre Bleu
With over twenty years of dance experience, Sacre Bleu relocated to Seoul in 2013 and quickly became involved with the city’s rapidly evolving burlesque scene. After performing in Starlight Production’s 2015 debut show "Pandora’s Box," she developed a keen interest in managing and choreographing burlesque events larger in both spectacle and scale. The allure of more structured rehearsals, attention to detail and story based performances led her to cultivate a strong working relationship with Flowerbomb, which resulted in the production of 2016’s "Le Sexe."

Originally from Long Beach, California, Sacre Bleu majored in Gender Studies. As such, she believes in sex positive body expression and holds the notion of inclusivity to the highest regard whenever producing work. Versed in dance of varying styles, her favorite acts to conceptualize are those that involve aerial chair, hoop and pole. Besides hanging upside down, she is overly fond of the 1980’s French cut bikini and Batman the Animated Series.

Production Assistant and PR, MaybeBaby

A city girl at heart, MaybeBaby was born in Seoul with her eyes wide open, ready to take in everything. She fell in love with the world of cinema and acting from a very young age and the dream was secured when she enrolled into a program at William Esper Studio in New York City. After spending two inspiring years in the city, she returned to Seoul for a short break. Little did she know, the little break she intended extended into two eventful years full of exciting opportunities. She took on a role in Seoul Players' "Rocky Horror Shadow Cast" as a performer (Columbia) the first year and then as a Choreographer the following year. Then, she continued to entangle herself in the Seoul arts scene with leaving black kiss marks on Don John as a vampy villain in Seoul Shakespeare Company's "Much Ado About Nothing" production of 2016. And last but not least, Maybe Baby stepped into the world of burlesque through Flowerbomb and Sacré Bleu's vision of that world. It made her big doe eyes open wide when she saw Starlight Productions' 2015 show "Pandora's Box" as an audience member. That was the day she started dreaming up her stage name. She took on a name that best suited her nature, as a tease and a half- Maybe Baby, and embarked on a new journey as an burlesque performer!