Get Your Feet Wet & A Little Messy


A moment was caught between the characters Mr. and Mrs. Cumming during their Sploshing Act. This pinch-of-the-cheek was the comedown from the climax of our burlesque play "Le Sexe: A Podcast in the Flesh" written by Flowerbomb and Sacré Bleu. 

Photographer: Robert Michael Evans

About Starlight Productions

We stage neo-burlesque plays.

A Starlight show is a production where theatre meets burlesque. We create experiences that offer high audience interaction within story driven performances. The burlesque aspects take on many forms, all influenced by the greater narrative: chair dance, fire spinning, aerial silk, pole, a-ring, hoop, and live Shibari rope tying just to name a few. Because our shows are originals, we find that giving context to the world of our burlesque plays is part of the interactive nature of our productions. We publish rehearsal clips, blurbs, surveys, photos and videos to our Facebook event pages leading up to showtime. We have found that even without a blatant answer to "What is this show exactly about?" people come anyway. To attend is to understand and our greatest compliment is when audience members come for a burlesque show but leave saying, "that was a great show." Period.